Facts About Our Treats

Our Homemade Treats:
DOGgone Gourmet Treats follows recipes using human-grade ingredients that have been
adapted for canine tastes and nutritional requirements They are generally low in fat to help
prevent excessive calorie intake. We use human-grade ingredients to include: organic stone
ground whole wheat flour, oats, peanut butter, molasses, cinnamon, tomato, cheese, garlic,
Italian herbs, olive oil, yeast, salt, sugar and water. We offer our homemade treats in three
different flavors: Peanut butter, BBQ and Pizza and in a variety of sizes: Bite, Regular and
Large. The treats are available in bags of individual or assorted flavors.
Our Other Treats:
Our other treats include: Nathan's Hot Dogs, Buddy Bits & Buddy Bones, Cookies, Biscuits and Gravy, Woofy-Pop Doggy Popcorn and Mint & Charcoal.
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Healthy Baker Treats
Wheat, Soy, Corn and Sugar-Free
2 lb. bag


Gourmet Dog Treats-Mint & Charcoal Oral Hygiene Biscuits

Helps with Digestion & Freshens Breath
1 lb bag


DOGgone Homemade Treats-Variety of Flavors and Sizes
Healthy, Made with Human-grade Ingredients.
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Nathan's Hot Dog Treats
"Every Dog Loves a Nathan's" 4oz bag

Best Buddy Bits Exclusively Dog Cookies-Variety of Flavors
5.5oz bag

Carob Chip Cookies-Exclusively Dog Cookies
8oz bag

Beef Sandwich Hearts & Lamb & Rice Sandwich Bones
A real meat filling between two, heart or long crunchy bone shaped biscuits makes this a sure winner.
8oz made by Vitakraft.
Storage Recommendations:
DOGgone Gourmet Treats are freshly baked. The shelf life of our treats is approximately 3
months when kept in a cool, dry place. To keep our treats longer, you can freeze them for up
to 6 months.